Road construction on pace at border after Doklam standoff by BRO

Road construction on pace at border after Doklam standoff by BRO– After the Doklam military standoff, Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has started to construct the roads at the border. The speed of road construction in the border area is at the fast pace. Border Roads Organisation wants to ensure that quick mobilization of military forces can be possible in case of war time.
A Government official said “Construction of India-China Border Roads (ICBR) will now be constructed over much longer stretches. We are replacing old construction equipment and deploying new equipment. Old equipment generally stops working due to cause technical break damage and malfunctioned at high altitudes. Resolving the technical issues during construction leads the project delay. It was said new equipment would definitely reduce construction time and give pace to ICBR project. After construction of ICBR, a quick movement of troops can be possible in any weather. In case of any conflict with neighbor countries supplies of food, weapons, and medical help, the backup would be fast to the Line of Actual Control.

Road construction on pace at border after Doklam standoff by BRO- News Guru 24x7

India-China Border Roads (ICBR) construction was begun in 1999

India-China Border Roads (ICBR) construction was begun in 1999. The government has planned a total of 73 ICBRs along the Line of Control. The Border Roads Organization (BRO) works under the Ministry of Defence. Earlier Border Roads Organisation was tasked to construct 61 ICBR out of 73 planned. Constructions of remaining 12 roads are in hands of other agencies.
27 out of the 61 roads had been constructed successfully by BRO. Out of constructed 27 roads, most of them are in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. A senior government official said 13 roads out of the 34 roads are in harsh areas and staff to construct at the fast rate. Another problem is that these are yet to be connected individually. Government supposed to complete the entire project by 2021. While Border Roads Organization supposed to complete it by 2022 as some of them have to be carpeted with different materials. The BRO plans to complete all 61 roads by 2022.

Road construction on pace at border after Doklam standoff by BRO- News Guru 24x7
In a planned move, Ministry of Defence recently increased the administrative power of Border Roads Organization. In the past, BRO had only power to get DPRs produced for only small stretches. Now BRO has powers to administrate his plans very well. It can take decisions on loop holes like labor, government approvals, machinery, replacing malfunctioned equipment. BRO can take help of outsourced consultancy services and can approve them for making Detailed Project Reports for the roads. With increased administrative powers BRO can make DPRs for better road network which leads the construction faster.

Government official also said. “Due to the Doklam standoff, the construction of ICBRs is moving at a fast pace. This is being done to facilitate the movement of troops in case of a conflict with China. And with the delegation of powers, we hope we can cut down the road construction period by a year.”

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